Aug 21 – 27, 2019
Wako/Hongo Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Final circular

Dear participants of CNSSS19


This is the final announcement of CNSSS19. Please read through the following. We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Tokyo.


With best regards,

Nobu Imai

Chief secratary of CNSSS19 



(1) Program

Please check the website of CNSSS19,

Not only the lectures but also programs of the young scientist sessions are updated now.


(2) Events

  1. There will be a RIBF facility tour on 21st./Aug. afternoon. We will take you accelerators, BigRIPS, radioisotope separators and so on. Because we have to prepare a list of participants in advance, please tell us if you want to join the tour by 19th/Aug. 

  2. We will have a welcome party in the evening on the 21st/Aug. You are kindly invited to the party. We will ask you introduce yourself there. Please prepare a few words for the introduction.

  3. The poster session will be held in on 24th/Aug. As traditional, foods, snacks and drink are served. Because the poster session starts in the early afternoon, it’s better to have a light meal for lunch on that day.


(3) Venue

The venue of the school on  Aug./21st is RIKEN Nishina hall. It is E02 at . For participants who will stay around Ueno, a bus transportation to RIKEN Wako campus will be arranged. The bus will leave at the super hotel Akihabara-Suehiro-cho at 8:30 on 21st/Aug.

For  22nd, 23rd, 26th, and 27th/Aug., the venue is  #1220 at the second floor in the 4th Science Building at  the Hongo campus

On Saturday 24th/Aug., the school will be held on Koshiba hall in the 1st Science Building at the Hongo campus .


(4) Accommodation

We have prepared rooms at Superhotel Akihabara-Suehiro cho. .

The room assignment will be announced later.


(5) Your presentation (at young scientist session)

For oral presentation, you have 12 min. (talk) + 3 min. (discussion). 

For poster presentations, we prepare the panel stands where you can put your a0 size poster.

The schedule of young scientist session is now been arranged. Please have a look at the indico page.


(6) Outlet

The voltage of Japanese outlets is 100 V and the connection shape is "A" type.

Be careful that this (the same as the U.S.) is different from the Europe's and other Asian countries.

Probably laptop and many electronic devices are available in this voltage.

But please check your device by yourself.


(7) Prepaid card (SUICA, PASMO) is convenient

We recommend you to buy a SUICA (or PASMO) card on the vending machine at the airport station.

It is a deposit card and it takes 500 yen to get it.  

Please charge the card before you enter into the station.

It works as a ticket by touching a ticket machine when you enter the station. 

When you go out of the station through a ticket machine, your fare is automatically payed.

You can also buy the card or charge it at every station.


(8) SUICA (or PASMO)  for lunch/dinner in RIKEN

This SUICA card is needed when you take lunch or dinner in the cafeteria of RIKEN campus.

You can also charge the SUICA card at the ticket vending machine in the cafeteria. 

When you leave Japan, charged money can be paied back at the airport station (or whatever station you like).


(9) Wifi Network

Both Wako and Hongo campus, eduroam account can be used to access the wireless network. For those who don’t have eduroam account, guest accounts are available. At the Wako campus, password will be announced at the venue. For the Hongo campus, please see the instruction of “UTokyo-guest” at .